Class II Lanthipeptides
Class III Lanthipeptides

Class III Lanthipeptides


Coworkers: Simon Düttmann, Martin Jasyk, Melanie Gonsior, Vincent Wiebach

Keywords: type III lantibiotics, labionin, synthesis, biosynthesis, Labyrinthopeptin, RiPPs

Cooperation: Prof. Nediljko Budisa, TU Berlin, Prof. Sónia Mendo, University of Aveiro, Portugal, Prof. Hans-Georg Sahl, University of Bonn, Prof. Gabi Bierbaum, University of Bonn



Class III lanthipeptides are one of the four subtypes of a wide spread family of ribosomally synthesized and post-translationally modified peptides (RiPPs). Their common feature is the presence of thioether rings based on the diamino diacids lanthionin (Lan), methyllanthionin (MeLan) and/or the triamino triacids labionin (Lab). Class III lanthipeptides caught our attention because they possess interesting anti-pain (LabA2, NAI-112) or anti-HIV/anti-HSV (LabA1) properties. Lanthipeptides are produced by bacteria belonging to the class of Actinobacteria and are used to support the aerial hyphae formation.

Our group is mainly focusing on biosynthesis elucidation of those interesting natural products. For this purpose we use various techniques like heterologous expression and purification of the modifying enzymes, solid-phase synthesis of the precursor peptides or deuterium labelling. As analytic tools we use HR-HPLC-MS or MS/MS as well as GC-MS approaches.